About us

Whimsy Party – a Singapore-based party entertainment provider that specialises in providing quality entertainment for anything events related which include children’s' parties, corporate dinner & dances, school dances/parties, weddings and more!

Our in-house entertainers are professional, experienced, committed, and fun-loving individuals who want the best for you and your party. A big part of organising events is seeing smiles on the faces of people that matter to you, a vision that we want to make a reality at every event.

The scale of an event boils down to months of research, planning and budgeting - place your trust in veterans of the events industry and Contact Us right now for a free consultation and quote!

What do we do

Whimsy Party was established with one specific end goal in mind - to be a “one-stop-shop” for all your event needs. As of 2019, Whimsy Party focuses more heavily on providing quality entertainment for children’s parties. We make it our mission to put smiles on the faces of your little loved ones and aim to see them completely having a ball – snickering, yelling, applauding and cheering.

Each open door that is given to us has our undivided attention – and we subscribe to leaving an enduring and paramount impact on the hearts and minds of all our clients. The services we provide is not only planned to be totally entertaining and energizing for the kids, but to also be an activity where kids are able to be themselves - be it boisterous, calm, or anyplace in the middle.

Being a parent is getting a lot harder every year, with regularly expanding desires for greater and better gatherings. Planning an event for children where they are intended to have fun, is a particularly distressing feat for parents. Rest assured, we comprehend these worries and we aim take away the stresses of such a task so you will be able to relax and enjoy the occasion as well.